Ten Bags & Paper Products are passionate enterprises in India, to produce eco-friendly bags and paper products for export and domestic needs. Formation of the Ten Bags & Paper Products is made by a group of dedicated experts. We are proud that we can please our customers with quality and durability.

We have focused on the segment of Paper Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, Paper Pouch, Cotton Bags, Jute Bags and Print production such as Corporate stationeries, Envelops in different sizes, Other promotional materials like Brochures/Catalogues, Packaging and other customized stipulation.

Our all eco-friendly bags are impressive, making with uniformity and perfection. The bags are the most economical advertising and promotional medium persistent everywhere. Frequent use wears out the bags exhibit as a Walking Billboards.

Disclaimer: Photos appearing on this website may not be an accurate depiction of the actual color/product. The colour/products may vary due to the nature of the material. The picture and size listed are an approximation.
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